Day 1 – Finding My Focus

Fear and focus are my biggest challenges. Growing up, I was fearless all the way until I had graduated from college. After college, I decided to put most of my savings towards a diverse investment portfolio. With some guidance (now I realize it was misguidance) from a so called trusted source, I thought I was making the right decision. Lo and behold, the crash of 2008 happened and I saw my investments vanish before my eyes. The trauma it caused left me with a paralyzing fear of taking risks. This trauma led me to my next biggest challenge, which is focus. I lost focus when I lost what I had worked hard to save and invest. My pride at that time held me back from seeking help. Had I sought out a financial mentor to guide me back on track, I would have saved myself years of being in the “safe” zone as far as jobs were concerned. What can I do to overcome them? I’ve been working on the process to overcome those challenges slowly but surely within the last eight months. After my Father’s passing in December of 2015, I came to the realization I needed to take control of my life once again. Time took on a different meaning. Time for me is no longer about “waiting” for that perfect opportunity. Time is about focusing my energy on the people and goals that matter to me and place those as my priorities over anything else. It took my Father’s passing to make me reevaluate my place in this world and the impact I want to make in it. It’s been a rough and slow journey towards working on these challenges and although I haven’t fully overcome them, I am assured I will someday. #10DBC #freedomplan

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Finding My Focus

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