Day 3 Challenge: The Perfect Day!

What is a perfect day? Waking up from a peaceful slumber feeling well rested and in the arms of my beloved sweetheart, the first thing that comes to mind is to thank God for this day and for my sweetheart. Then, I hug and kiss her a warm good morning. The love for God and the love for my beautiful lady puts me in a happy mood. I roll out of bed and make my way to the kitchen in anticipation of what would be on the breakfast menu on this fine day. I open the refrigerator and grab the following items: eggs, yogurt, cheese, juice. I open the loaf of bread and grab four slices to place in the toaster. While preparing to make a cheese omelet, I grab a mug and pour hot water from the hot/cold water dispenser. I debate between green or black tea. I surprise myself and choose ginger with honey tea. Although I’m not sick, the spontaneity of choosing ginger with honey breaks the monotony of my usual routine. I smile at this wonderful detour off the usual tea options. The bread is toasting, the tea is brewing, and the eggs and cheese are starting to form into what is now a huge omelet. I stare at the lonely yogurt off to the side of the stove. It looks blasé and in fact, its flavor says “plain” on the container’s label. I release a slight “mmmm” as I glanced at the fruit basket. That’s it! We will have yogurt with bananas! As I wind down to the final touches of preparing breakfast, I arrange the food on a serving tray and proceed to the balcony for al fresco breakfast dining. I hear my sweetheart’s footsteps on the wooden floor. She is such a beautiful sight to behold and the aroma of the body lotion she just applied on to her soft skin draws me closer to her. I place my hand in hers and guide her to sit in her chair.  I lean down to whisper “Bon appetit ma cherie” in her ear as I walk to take my seat. It is a perfect day so far with my perfect soulmate! #10DBC #freedomplan

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3


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