Day 4 Challenge: Unlocking My Superpowers

What are my superpowers? There are two superpowers I possess but not of my own doing. Only God can bless each and every person with special superpowers. I never knew I possessed this first superpower until others pointed it out to me. I come off as a diplomat almost in every situation or problem I encounter. Even if I were to try and not get involved, at some point, when I take a look at how to solve the problem or at least come to some middle ground, the diplomatic side of me just can’t help itself. “For peace sake” is my mantra, regardless who is wrong or right. If each of us were to practice the old adage, “why can’t we all get along?,” maybe, just maybe, we can prevent wars, broken homes, shattered spirits and the world would be a better place to live in. The second superpower is storytelling. I love hearing and sharing stories with others. I can’t think of a better way to share a piece of my life with others, which in turn, loosens them up to trust me so they in turn, can share a piece of their life with me. Not to be mistaken for gossiping, oh no, it’s best to leave that to daytime soap opera (which exists well beyond the television and surrounds us everywhere we go). Authentic and captivating storytelling is the epitome of the human condition. Storytelling is indeed a superpower because it serves as a dual superpower. To possess it is a privilege to begin with, but once shared with others, unknowingly, I am helping them to unlock their inner superpower of storytelling. #10DBC #freedomplan

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Day 3 Challenge: The Perfect Day!

What is a perfect day? Waking up from a peaceful slumber feeling well rested and in the arms of my beloved sweetheart, the first thing that comes to mind is to thank God for this day and for my sweetheart. Then, I hug and kiss her a warm good morning. The love for God and the love for my beautiful lady puts me in a happy mood. I roll out of bed and make my way to the kitchen in anticipation of what would be on the breakfast menu on this fine day. I open the refrigerator and grab the following items: eggs, yogurt, cheese, juice. I open the loaf of bread and grab four slices to place in the toaster. While preparing to make a cheese omelet, I grab a mug and pour hot water from the hot/cold water dispenser. I debate between green or black tea. I surprise myself and choose ginger with honey tea. Although I’m not sick, the spontaneity of choosing ginger with honey breaks the monotony of my usual routine. I smile at this wonderful detour off the usual tea options. The bread is toasting, the tea is brewing, and the eggs and cheese are starting to form into what is now a huge omelet. I stare at the lonely yogurt off to the side of the stove. It looks blasé and in fact, its flavor says “plain” on the container’s label. I release a slight “mmmm” as I glanced at the fruit basket. That’s it! We will have yogurt with bananas! As I wind down to the final touches of preparing breakfast, I arrange the food on a serving tray and proceed to the balcony for al fresco breakfast dining. I hear my sweetheart’s footsteps on the wooden floor. She is such a beautiful sight to behold and the aroma of the body lotion she just applied on to her soft skin draws me closer to her. I place my hand in hers and guide her to sit in her chair.  I lean down to whisper “Bon appetit ma cherie” in her ear as I walk to take my seat. It is a perfect day so far with my perfect soulmate! #10DBC #freedomplan

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Day 2 Challenge: Discovering Your Why

Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle? I want to live the freedom lifestyle because I want to be able to live the following dreams. I want to be able to write creatively without having to place a timeline on my writing. I want to be on fire while writing and allow the creative juices to flow naturally from my thoughts and onto the keyboard. I want to fulfill the Philanthropist side of me by giving back through the creation of a foundation. I want to be fully engaged and involved in every aspect of the idea of a foundation and taking the necessary steps to see it manifest into a reality. I want to live the freedom lifestyle so that these areas of my life are never neglected. They are 1) prayer time, 2) relationships, 3) health (diet and exercise), 4) sleep, 5) mind power, 6) personal growth (writing, reading, and traveling) and 7) charity (being a blessing to others whether it be through my time, money, or service). With the freedom lifestyle, it opens up doors of endless opportunities for me to leave each person I encounter in a better state than when I first met them. When I say endless opportunities, I mean I would be in a present state which would allow me to tune in to the other person’s needs. This can vary from the physical needs of a hungry person to an emotional need of a coworker mourning the loss of their loved one to a spiritual need of a prideful person who hasn’t spoken to their parents in years due to a small argument. By being consciously aware of those I encounter on a day to day basis, I will learn to stop, pause, observe, and reach out as opposed to moving along on my robotic way like the rest of the rat race not noticing the hurting, the hungry, and the lost whose life we all could make a difference in had we had the choice of freedom to do so. #10DBC #freedomplan

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Day 1 – Finding My Focus

Fear and focus are my biggest challenges. Growing up, I was fearless all the way until I had graduated from college. After college, I decided to put most of my savings towards a diverse investment portfolio. With some guidance (now I realize it was misguidance) from a so called trusted source, I thought I was making the right decision. Lo and behold, the crash of 2008 happened and I saw my investments vanish before my eyes. The trauma it caused left me with a paralyzing fear of taking risks. This trauma led me to my next biggest challenge, which is focus. I lost focus when I lost what I had worked hard to save and invest. My pride at that time held me back from seeking help. Had I sought out a financial mentor to guide me back on track, I would have saved myself years of being in the “safe” zone as far as jobs were concerned. What can I do to overcome them? I’ve been working on the process to overcome those challenges slowly but surely within the last eight months. After my Father’s passing in December of 2015, I came to the realization I needed to take control of my life once again. Time took on a different meaning. Time for me is no longer about “waiting” for that perfect opportunity. Time is about focusing my energy on the people and goals that matter to me and place those as my priorities over anything else. It took my Father’s passing to make me reevaluate my place in this world and the impact I want to make in it. It’s been a rough and slow journey towards working on these challenges and although I haven’t fully overcome them, I am assured I will someday. #10DBC #freedomplan

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